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Transformers History Edit
Aug 12, 2016

Faraday on August 29, 1831, invented a "inductive-loop", is called "Faraday induction coils", is in fact the world's first prototype transformer. But Faraday was using it to model the principle of electromagnetic induction, did not consider it can have practical uses.

In 1881, lusen·gelaer (Lucien Gaulard) and yuehan·dikexun·jibusi (John Dixon Gibbs) show in London called "second hand generators" device, and then sold the technology to the United States by Westinghouse, this may be the first practical power transformers, but not one of the first transformers.

In 1884, the lusen·gelaer and yuehan·dikexun·jibusi the introduction of electric lighting in Italy Turin, showing their equipment. Early transformer using linear core, then were replaced by more efficient ring core.

Westinghouse engineer weilian·shitanlei from qiaozhi·Wei the Westin House, bought lusen·gelaer and yuehan·dikexun·jibusi transformers patents later, in 1885, made the first practical transformer. Later the iron core of the transformer by e-type iron sheets laminated together, and in 1886 started commercial use.

Transformer principles, first discovered by Michael Faraday, but only in the 1880 of the 19th century began to practice. Power stations should be output in direct current and alternating current competition, AC power transformer is one of its strengths. Transformers can convert electrical energy into high voltage and low current form and back again, thus significantly reducing the loss of electric energy in the process of transmission, economic transportation distance of making electricity reach farther. As a result, power plants to be built in a place far away from power. Most power in the world after a series of transformation and ultimately did not reach the user.

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