Vacuum Drying And Oil Filling Chamber For Power Transformer Manufacturing

Vacuum Drying And Oil Filling Chamber For Power Transformer Manufacturing

This equipment is used to drying and fill the transformer oil in vacuum condition (drying function can be added according to client's requirement).
Product description


We are the professional supplier of industrial vacuum drying oven for power transformer at reasonable price.

vacuum oven principle, methods specifications:
Vacuum drying oven with oil filling for power transformer find applications in transformer repairing workshops or transformer manufacturing industry. Cellulose content in form of insulation present in the transformer mainly captures moisture and releases it in oil thereby deteriorating insulation parameters of a transformer. Hence need arises to dry out the transformer using a low heat and high vacuum technique by vacuum drying oven.  Dried transformers are filled with oil under vacuum in the vacuum drying oven itself.

Our drying process adopts latest variable pressure changing method, the drying is quick and very functional, it is easy to take out the moisture inside the transformer, and prevent the core rusty. 

HS-35A Vacuum drying oven with oil filling for power transformer are modular in design, function and are easy to operate. The vacuum drying ovens are also facilitated with automation that aid to record the drying process for a transformer completely. Additionally the process can also be remotely monitored.

Equipment Features:
 1.Perfect vacuum condition and precision quantitative filling to ensure high quality
 2.Maximum adopts three-stage vacuum pump system, limit vacuum up to 1pa(unload), leakage rate <= 0.4mbar/s
 3.Oil separator installed between vacuum tank and pump system can condensate and recovery some oil, so can reduce the damage and pollution to the pump system
 4.Rectangle type tank adopts frame type flange to ensure long working life
 5.Vacuum tank which has heating function is heated by electric through conductive oil. Tank door is heated by electric heating plate. Temperature raising is uniform and reliable, no local over heating
 6.Heat exchanger is equipped if the vacuum tank has heating function, so the vacuum tank temperature can be reduced below 70C to reduce moisture regain during discharging
 7.All oil filling pipelines and accessories are stainless steel. Flow meter equipped on main pipeline and each filling pipeline, the oil filling is adjustable and automatic control
 8.PLC system and touch screen operating, fully automatic control on the whole process. All the parameters can be indicated, record and printed, impeccable alarm system.

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